Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC) is a community-based organization that focuses on the fulfillment of human rights, especially people living with HIV and AIDS and populations affected by HIV. IAC’s vision is a world without stigma where the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS are fulfilled, including the right to health, education, a decent standard of living and other basic human rights. Meanwhile, IAC’s mission is to work with and for key populations to ensure the fulfillment of these rights, as well as to promote improved governance towards a participatory, transparent and accountable AIDS response program.

IAC is one of three recipients of grant funding for HIV response programs sourced from GF-ATM. which has received approval and will start implementing in the period 2022-2023.

IAC is responsible for implementing several prevention programs and interventions in the FSW population and also implementing interventions in the Community System Strengthening-Human Rights module (CSS-HR). The integration between prevention programs and CSS-HR is the value of IAC in this activity.

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IAC invites civil society organizations to partner and participate in the selection process to become Sub Recipients (SR) in 32 Provinces, 131 districts for prevention programs in FSW population and 23 priority districts for CSS-HR interventions. Civil society organizations that meet the requirements and pass the selection to become five SRs of which 3 SRs will contribute and support the prevention program in FSW population in 131 districts and two SRs will contribute and support CSS-HR in 23 distrik.


1. Call SR PSP
2. Pakta integritas
3. Presentation

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