Vacancy Technical Assistant on Community System Strengthening & Enabling Environment to Access to Services

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Technical Assistant on Community System Strengthening & Enabling Environment to Access Services
Indonesian AIDS Coalition (IAC).

Koalisi AIDS Indonesia, or well-known as Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC), first established at 2011, is a community-based organization that works together with stakeholders to promote transparency, accountability and community participation within the AIDS program.

The mission of IAC is to work with and for key-affected populations to ensure the fulfillment of PLHIV rights, the creation of an enabling-environment and to promote the good governance of the AIDS program so that it is participatory, transparent and accountable.

IAC is located in Jakarta, with a national level working range, and is closely related to national policy’s advocacy. We have a good governance system with a decent finance management according to auditors we held every year.

In 2018, IAC was selected by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as one of its sub-recipients to implement the Global Fund New Funding Model Continuity programs on the Community System Strengthening (CSS) and Enabling Environment to Access Services (EEA) with the following main targets to be achieved in 2020:

1. The availability of strong mechanisms and infrastructures for KAP to access justice and their human rights.
2. Strengthened accesses to universal, inclusive, and friendly healthcare systems for KAP.
3. Strengthened enabling environment for the alleviation of HIV, through decreasing discrimination against KAP.
4. Strengthened access to healthcare services for the alleviation of HIV.
5. Improved IAC’s organizational capacity in supporting the implementation of HIV alleviation programs.

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To support IAC to achieve the above-mentioned targets, a Human Rights Adviser will be recruited to assist IAC to increase its capacity and performance in ensuring strategic programmatic intervention and the quality of the program implementation.

The Human Rights Adviser is expected to provide the following technical assistances for IAC and its Sub-sub-recipient partners (SSRs)

  • Provides advise on the programmatic direction for the project team, national experts, international experts and local technical assistant partners;
  • Strengthens designs and strategies to carry out deliverables of the project;
  • Proposes overall strategic direction of the program;
  • Identifies priorities and needs to improve IAC human rights capacity;
  • Ensures efficient and compliant management of project resources including all reporting requirements;
  • Ensures training activities implementation are high quality and completed in a timely and cost effective manner;
  • Engages, draws up scope of work and supervises short term technical experts (consultants);
  • Manages and mentors SSRs staff and, if needed;
  • Liaises with IAC and UNAIDS and UNFPA (as external TA partners) on matters about the project deliverables;
  • Develops strong working relationships with all IAC’s internal and external stakeholders;
  • Develops strong working relationships with other PRs (MoH and Spiritia) as well as other TA providers for the implementation of GF- NFM
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Advanced university degree in law; or first university degree in law with advanced degree in other relevant area (development, public administration, human rights); with some specialization in human rights.

Functional competencies and knowledge

  • Familiarity with and understanding of public health issues, especially in respect of HIV and AIDS; and Respect for diversity.
  • Knowledge of the HIV pandemic and its human rights implications.
  • Knowledge of law, as well as HIV-related legal issues.
  • Understanding of human rights-based approaches to public health and development.
  • Ability to work effectively in teams, adapt and integrate easily with the team, work cooperatively in support of team objectives.
  • Ability to convey ideas and thoughts in a clear and convincing way in one-on-one discussions or groups presentations and ability to produce clear correspondence and written reports.
  • Ability to effectively apply their knowledge and skills to the job, and to consistently learn and improve performance.
  • Ability to show initiative and enthusiasm in their work, effectively organize and manage time, and deliver high-quality results in line with agreed objectives.
  • Ability to take ownership of assigned responsibilities, to be productive, fulfill commitments and use resources responsibly.
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  • Minimum 5 years experience in human rights, with experience in and knowledge of HIV programming and country-level programming and planning processes.
  • Experience working with governmental/international institutions and/or the UN system. Languages.
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia (both spoken and written).
  • The Advisor will be recruited as a full-time consultant by IAC, with full assistance from UNAIDS throughout the recruitment processes;
  • The Advisor will work for the period of 18 months under the supervision from both IAC and UNAIDS;
  • The Advisor shall report to both IAC and UNAIDS.
  • The Advisor will be placement at IAC’s Office.

Please send your resume by email to with subject HRA before July 6, 2019 11.59 PM WIB.

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